Icelandic Horn Ceremonial Rattle

Stark Hollow Farm is proud to offer these amazing hand crafted Icelandic sheep horn ceremonial rattles. The first rattle was made for ceremonial use by Laura on her first vision quest in Death Valley, California and was named Dragon Dream Rattle. Scroll down to see Icelandic sheep horn rattles for sale. Contact us for more info or photos.

Dragon Dream Rattle
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This style of rattle offers the user a more personal experience because each rattle offers unique ancestral symbols and sacred objects including carved bone, various types of beads, small figurines and other objects found in nature. Each rattle include some form of bell to enhance the sound it makes and provide a deeper call to spirit.

Rattles and bells are some of the oldest instruments and shamanic tools known to man. They date back to ancient times and were used to ward off “bad” spirits and call in “good” spirits. These important musical instruments trace an incredible four thousand year journey into many modern spiritual practices. Virtually all modern religions use some form of ringing bells to call us to spirit and to call the spirits into our sacred spaces and temples of worship. Today, rattles are used along with drums and other percussion instruments for ceremonies, healing rituals and in dance and music making circles.

Each of our rattles is made from an Icelandic sheep horn which is a by-product of animals raised humanely by us on our farm in Vermont under a rigorous Animal Welfare Approved certification. Icelandic sheep are a primitive breed of sheep which we raise because we love them and to help preserve the genetics of these beautiful animals.

Horns come mainly from young Icelandic rams harvested for their meat. The horns and sheepskins are retained and processed so that each part of the animal is honored and used. Each horn is lovingly cleaned, polished and prepared to receive its garnishment. Some horns may have a small chip or "blood" spot towards the base, this is a mark of virility earned through the ram's natural battles with each other. The essence of the warrior spirit is inherent in these marks. The curved shape of the horn itself is deeply archetypal as a lunar symbol connected to the waxing and waning of time in the great cycle. A collection of various objects infuse each horn with an artistic, decorative and sacred sound. Because Icelandic sheep are natural colored sheep, horns vary in color; each one is unique.

Blossom Rattle
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blossom rattle

All of nature is enticed into the flower's proliferation...Is anything in nature more sensual than the blossom of the flower? ...Visible above yet rooted in the invisible below, the flower symbolically bridges the manifest and unseen worlds, realms of latency and potentiality ..We flourish in concert with the flower. It is the emblem of the hidden seeding place within ourselves supported by multiple, partcipating energies."

~ from The Book of Symbols, Reflections on Archetypal Images

This gorgeous rattle will accompany on your journey towards your own blooming. The rattle is light in the hand with a nice sound and beautiful colors. The carved bone focal piece is the blooming flower. Use this rattle to call in the spirits when engaging in creative activities, to cleanse sacred spaces and bring in new and positive energies. 

Materials include: Creamy colored Icelandic ram horn, leather, brass beads, red stone beads, glass, ceramic, and clay (including one with yak bone inlay) beads, bone beads, brass bells, antique bronzed metal bells, sea shell, carved bone flower blossom focal bead.

Dragon Rattle
$115.00 SOLD!!

 Dragon Rattle

“If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.”~ Ilona Andrews, Fate's Edge

The dragon rattle is perfect for those exploring the The Path of the Dragon or those wanting to unlock the mysteries of the elements. The Path of the Dragon traces its meaning to the Celts who believed that where the Dragon tread were places of mystical power and energy. These paths are referred to as ley lines, energetic lines which criss-cross the globe. The Dragon is a powerful archetype and guardian of the earth and all its beings. The dragon embodies the elements as the winged serpent who lives in the womb of the earth and breathes fire. Use this rattle when you are looking to work with the tension of opposites or to bring together the beneficial aspects of two or more elements. The dragon is known to be the guardian of wealth and the gate keeper to other realms. Follow the sound of this rattle into the realms of your inner life to discover the treasure buried within.

Materials include dark grey Icelandic ram sheep horn, leather, brass beads, sea glass bead, ceramic, and clay beads, bone beads, brass bells, antique bronzed metal bells, sea shell, silver celtic trinity knot bead, carved bone dragon focal bead. Small ram fight marking near base offers carries the strength and virility held in the spirit of this horn rattle.

Serpent Rattle
$130.00 SOLD!!


Serpent Rattle2
 “You are guardian of a treasure,/Oh, just like a sleeping serpent/And you shall see, I shall make you/Spin around like that sleepy snake./Listen to me.” – Rumi

The Serpent is one of the oldest archetypal symbols, present in cultures world wide as going back to ancient times. The energy of the snake is associated with the life force, transformation and healing. It's poison facilitates alchemy, symbolically destroying to make way for new life. The snake hears through it's skin and is "particulalry sensitive to low frequency vibration and tremblings of the earth linking it with secret subterranean, ocular mysteries of knowledge." (from The Book of Symbols, published by the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism). One may use this rattle when working with kundalini energy, chakra work, and all types of healing work.

Materials include dark grey Icelandic ram sheep horn, leather, painted wooden beads, brass beads, ceramic, glass and clay beads, bone beads, antique bronzed metal bells, sea shell, brass celtic knot bead, carved bone snake focal bead & large pottery sun bead. This rattle has an extra cord of beads. Sound will be the same as the blossom rattle above.

Winged Goddess Rattle
$135.00 SOLD!!


Winged Goddess Rattle2

Haven't you felt this in dreams or perhaps in reality…That your wings are ready, just strong, turgid even, and ready to, deeply anxious to soar? ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

May the Goddess guide you on your journey! This rattle was created with the Goddess Rhiannon in mind. Rhiannon is the lunar Welsh goddess of inspiration. Her name means “Great Queen,” and serves as a muse for poets, artists, and royalty. She is also a goddess of transformation, easing the dead into the afterlife and carries their souls upon her white horse. She is a shapeshifter, and will often appear as a bird, animal, or through a song. This rattles carries the symbol of the winged goddess, the bird that soars. Additionally included is a "holey" stone, also known as a faerie stone or Odin's stone.  The faerie stone is a stone with a nature made hole in it. These special stones are used for healing and protection and enhance psychic abilities.

Materials include creamy colored Icelandic ram sheep horn, leather, brass beads, painted wooden beads, ceramic and clay beads, bone beads, brass bell, antique bronzed metal bells, sea shell, brass celtic trinity knot bead, carved bone winged goddess focal bead and special faerie stone bead.

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