Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say...

"Your pork chops brought back memories of my childhood. They were delicious!"
Steve S., Hall Home Place. Vermont Ice Cider, Isle La Motte, VT

"Everything in our box was delicious. The crown roast and the leg roast were unbelievable. We are not normally lamb seekers, but the Icelandic lamb is excellent."
Nancy G., Huntington, VT

"Just wanted to thank you again. The roast was incredible. We are going to need more, some chops and ribs..."
Chef Amy L., Burlington, VT

"The lamb was terrific..."
Eliot L., Huntington, VT

"I bought delicious lamb from you...Your mom says you now have excellent pork...please send me a price sheet and I'll place an order!"
Leslie N., Jericho, VT

"I cooked one of your pork roasts for some friends the other night. It was divine!"
Nat G., Huntington, VT

"I slow cooked some of your Icelandic lamb stew meat and it was the best lamb I have ever had!"
Gwen P., Burlington. VT

"Great lamb..... we had the roast last night for company! Thanks so much."
Celine C., Starksboro, VT

"I cooked the boneless leg of lamb last night when I had some friends over for dinner. It was the best lamb I have ever eaten. Thanks!"
Joan M., Montpelier, VT

"Just cooked lamb for the first time ever...marinated in a mixture of olive oil, dijon mustard, rosemary, thyme, salt & pepper, and then pan fried the chops...WOW! Yum! I thoroughly enjoyed the chops! Awesome flavor!"
Marni W., So. Starksboro, VT